G.M. 2000 is committed to respond to any customer's service calls or queries in less than 2 working days. It is our commitment and desire to be responsive to any request. G.M.2000 is serious aboutu service calls and would endeavour to meet the needs as soon as possible.

A standard normal order for supplies is 3 to 5 working days and during the peak period, may take anywhere from 5 to 7 working days. G.M.2000 is serious and committed to meet project deadlines and every customer can be assured of results, delivered on time and expectations met thoroughly.

Core Values

To provide personalised window furnishing products in the highest quality and aesthetics to each individual customer.

To provide excellent after sales services, ensuring the products function well beyond their warranty period and is maintained in its best condition possible.

Our Vision

G.M.2000 aims to be the leading company in the "Design & Build" concept of window furnishing in Singapore. Using its expertise, G.M.2000 is committed in providing the total window furnishing solution for each customer, tailored individually to the proposed designs and specifications.

G.M.2000 also aims to be the leading supplier of 'i-Shades' smoke curtains in South East Asia. G.M.2000 believes its signature smoke curtains are practical, efficient and effective for all interiors practising fire safety, which is paramount for a safe working environment.

Embracing the environment


Blending in seamlessly with modern interiors and working in synergy with the environment, GM2000 offers a wide range of elegant and eco-friendly window furnishing solutions that give you greater choice and control over your lighting needs.

From topical timber blinds and avant-garde skylight systems, to intelligent automated shades that optimise the management of natural light and ventilation, our versatile mix of products allow you to aesthetically enhance your interior while fulfilling your basic need for light filtering and privacy control.

Beyond our devotion to providing customised lighting solutions, GM2000 also strongly believes in resource conservation to protect and preserve the environment.

Our green aspirations are manifested through various initiatives and holistically integrated into our daily operations.

Through the use of recyclable fabrics and non-toxic chemicals in our manufacturing process, we aim to infuse a sense of environment consciousness into our products.

Our window furnishings not only create conducive environments, they also help you reduce electricity consumption while increasing energy efficiency.

Looking into the future, plans are in the pipeline to integrate solar panels into our automated systems to tap our world's biggest natural source of energy - the sun.

Company Profile

Time to dress up your windows with pretty drape curtains or bamboo blinds. Look to Group Marketing 2000 (G.M.2000) – the most trusted, competent and leading soft window furnishing distributor in Singapore. G.M.2000 provides and assortment of contemporary and luxurious window furnishing products from curtains to blinds that helps to exude the most modern, contemporary and exquisite interior look and d├ęcor in residential and office spaces.

G.M.2000’s history dates back to 1999, when it was first established as a trading company in the window furnishing products before switching to the manufacturing of windows furnishing products, which caters to a larger market of dealers, architects and homeowners. G.M.2000 then introduced new and innovative product lines, such as the Allswood and Screenline. G.M.2000 also created it’s best-selling i-Shades, a range of window furnishing products efficiently powered by Somfy automation systems.

Innovation was vital to G.M.2000’s desire to conquer the market; it began to diversify its business, based on the latest technological enterprise. G.M.2000 explored the idea of fire safety engineering products and created the i-Shade smoke curtains, which proved popular amongst the customers and vendors. Subsequently, G.M.2000 achieved another milestone, obtaining the ISO9001:2000 in recognition of its product quality and management system.

As competition in the interior environment intensified, G.M.2000 modified its strategies. With a vast knowledge of the products available in the market, G.M.2000 came up with the unique Design & Build Concept for its customers in 2005. This concept has been providing specifications on products that assists architects and designers in their projects. That marked a step in G.M.2000’s commitment to serve and meet the customers’ needs on a more intimate level. Today, G.M.2000 has evolved to become a leading specialist in the market in executing the Design & Build Concept.

Interior styles changes with time and vary between designers and architects, but window furnishings and dressing, are timeless. It does not matter if you go with bold Roman shades or soft Vienna sheer shades, it is of paramount importance to make your windows look good, because they occupy the most conspicuous part of the visual space. In a nutshell, window furnishings play an intergral part in the aesthetics process.

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