Decorative Blinds

  • Roman Blind
  • Austrian Blind
  • Festoon Blind

Day & Night Curtains

  • Cafe's Curtain (ribbon type, velco type, button type, etc)
  • Pensel Pleated Curtain
  • Cartridge Pleated Curtain
  • Double / Triple Pleats Curtain
  • Cross Over Curtain

Elegant Swags & Tails

  • Overlapping Scallops
  • Button Flower Scallop
  • Ribbon Scallop
  • Tassel Trimmings Scallop
  • Cinderella Scallop
  • Pelmet Valance with Scallop
  • Rossete Scallops

Creative Valances

  • Fabric Pelmets Valance
  • Ribbon Style Valance
  • Box Pleated Valance
  • Pelmet Valance
  • Curtain Heading

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Back to basics, curtains offer ultimate privacy without compromising on style. Turn up the luxe factor with rich fabrics like silk or satin; add a little drama with bold colors or geometric prints; or go classic with simple cotton and polyester. Let your interiors speak of your personality.

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