meeting the changing sun protection needs of modern architecture

Modern architecture today demands a greater variety of sun protection systems to meet evolving needs. Large window front and conservatories which let in a lot of sunlight are now becoming the norm on both commercial and residential buildings.

The paradigm shift is the reason why WAREMA offers customised sun protection systems that cater to specific architectural purposes, ensuring each solution is individual and optimal.

This drive exemplifies WAREMA’s company philosophy to offer “Sun protection for every glass area, inside and out!”, anticipating all possible shading needs on horizontal, vertical and angled glass surfaces, regardless of shape.

WAREMA develops high quality products that are easily maintained, robust and user-friendly, whilst staying on the cutting edge of technology through our dedication to continuous research and our passion for innovation.

Synthesising functionality with aesthetics, you will be pleased to know that WAREMA products are DIN ISO 9001 certified, and that on-going improvement in environmental and health protection are cornerstones of our company policy. Our participation in the “Okoprofit” of Marktheidenfeld (an initiative designed to reduce the environmental impact of industry on the town) plays an important role in the further development of our vigorous environmental management and audit system.

Jung – providing technologically superior and aesthetically sophisticated automation systems

JUNG is one of the biggest manufactureres of electrical installation devices and systems in Germany.

Powered by KNX-EIB technology, our intellegent control automation systems cover a wide range of electronic devices that cater to modern everyday needs.

From switches, sockets and dimmers to sensory and monitoring devices, blinds control systems and wireless systems, we provide solutions to enhance your lifestyle.

Since our establishment in 1912, we have been producing technologically superior and aesthetically sophisticated devices.

Our head office, located in Schalksmühle, Germany, houses our administration centre and training school, with our plant and warehouse 30 minute away in nearby Lünen.

Strategically located in Singapore, Jung Asia Pte Ltd, a subsidary of JUNG GmbH & Co. KG, is the hub of JUNG operations in the Asia Pacific.

Founded in 1996, JUNG Asia been chiefly responsible for bringing beautiful JUNG devices to Asia and integrating them into chic Asian living.

We have offices in China, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia and Thailand. We are currently also represented in Indonesia, Phillipines, Taiwan and Vietnam.

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