Ferrari Précontraint

Ferrari Précontraint

an exclusive patented technology for outstanding dimensional stability

A major industrial innovation – Précontraint technology – was at the origin of the Ferrari Group in 1973. It was a technological leap forward that enabled this brand new company to swiftly make its mark in the field of composite textile membranes. Since those beginnings, the Ferrari Groupmhas never ceased to develop and grow into today’s market leader, generating an annual turnover of 130 million Euros.

The unique features of Ferrari Précontraint composite textiles, consisting of a weave of micro-cables (hi tenacity polyester, glass, etc) covered with several layers of high-performance polymer coating, are widely recognized by building professionals.

About the Ferrari Group

The Ferrari Group is the first European weaver and fabric-coating specialist to obtain international ISO9002 quality assurance certification in 1991, followed by ISO 9001 in 2003.

  • Head Office: La Tour-du-Pin, Isère, S.E France
  • Three production sites: France and Switzerland
  • One recycling site: Italy
  • A worldwide distribution network
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